CSD101 - Introduction to High Performance HVAC Systems

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Class Description

For anyone involved in the selection, design, operation, or maintenance of commercial buildings, a working knowledge of the various HVAC systems is essential. This class is targeted at building professionals with 0-3 year’s experience who want to expand their knowledge of HVAC systems, their proper application, and how to achieve high performance operation. The class starts with an explanation of the environmental conditions which influence comfort and how HVAC systems control these conditions. Participants learn about the design process and criteria for system selection. The various classifications of HVAC systems and associated distribution systems are explained along with the function and operation of all the major system components. The class evaluates over 15 types of HVAC systems, describing how the systems work, applications and basic advantages and shortcomings. Each system type is evaluated based on performance for energy and water use, first cost, life cycle cost, and comfort performance. System options and modifications which contribute to energy efficiency, sustainability, and high performance are also explored. The class consists of a mix of presentation and workshops which give the student opportunity to apply the concepts presented. Students will be better able to make informed decisions about the best choices of HVAC systems for various applications and how systems can best meet the project goals of performance, comfort, cost, and sustainability. This course is run at the end of the week before the CSD400 HVAC Design Fundamentals and can serve as a good introduction to that class.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • From memory, be able to define the conditions which impact comfort and list typical ranges for each within 5%
  • Demonstrate the impact of envelope, internal loads, ventilation and climate on HVAC system selection by using a computer simulation tool to create a load profile and pie.
  • Diagram from memory or the mechanical refrigeration system and successfully label the four components with refrigerant states and typical entering and leaving conditions for an air-cooled packaged system.
  • Classify from a diagram 5 HVAC systems as being a direct or indirect systems
  • Match 12 HVAC systems to be correct classification as being single zone, all air, all water, air-water or direct refrigerant.
  • Using the class workbook, compare for a sample project 3 all air systems by listing the first cost, life cycle cost, and impacts of energy, IAQ, comfort and sustainability. Recommend the best system and your justification for the selection.

A passing score of 70% is required base on work sessions, project, attendance and participation.

Length: 2 -Days
Cost: $600.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 1.4 CEUs

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CSD101 Syracuse, NY 03/31/16 2
CSD101 Syracuse, NY 06/02/16 2
CSD101 Syracuse, NY 11/03/16 2
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