CSD400 - Fundamentals of HVAC Design

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Class Description

This course covers the subjects that are fundamental in the design of all types of HVAC systems. Students learn the fundamental principles of HVAC design, including psychrometrics, heat transfer, mechanical refrigeration, and load estimating. Participants will become proficient with HVACs two most important design tools, the psychrometric chart, and the pressure enthalpy diagram. At the completion of the course, participants know how to do an accurate commercial load estimate that is the basis to the other system design decisions. In addition the participant will be able to use psychrometric principles and the P-h diagram to describe and analyze HVAC processes. The concepts of this course are a recommended prerequisite for taking the other three courses and the building blocks HVAC design career of the students. Computer assisted work sessions and a design project are used to practice the principles taught.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the parameters that must be controlled to achieve human comfort.
  • Describe the procedural steps common to all HVAC design.
  • Explain the principles of heat transfer and their impact on heating and cooling load estimates.
  • Zone a commercial building with fixed or open floor plans.
  • Use the principles of psychrometrics to describe air cycles.
  • Apply the PH (Pressure Enthalpy) chart to describe the principles of mechanical refrigeration cycles.
  • Do a computerized block and zone load estimate for a commercial building.

A cumulative score of 70% is required to pass this course. The score is a combination of attendance, class participation, and a demonstration of skills and knowledge through quizzes and/or work sessions.

Suggested Prerequisites: A working knowledge of computer operation. Students are encouraged to bring their own computer, but it is not required.

Suggested Companion Courses: CSD500, CSD600, CSD700

Length: 5 -Days
Cost: $1,200.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 3.5 CEUs
Authorized NATE Provider 15. hrs

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CSD400 Syracuse, NY 04/04/16 5
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