ECS315 - CC6400 Comfort Controllers

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Class Description

Many commercial buildings use multiple units which owners wish to interface and they may also wish to provide the ability to control other building elements. The Carrier Comfort Controller provides the device allowing contractors this interface on Carrier CCN systems. This training class is intended for control contractors who have a working knowledge of the material covered in the ECS215. The skills taught allow the more advanced control technician to apply the Carrier field programmable controller the Comfort Controller 6400 (CC6400 and CC1600 controller) in commercial projects requiring networking functionality. This class gives the participant the knowledge to cost effectively apply networking controls to ancillary HVAC devices like pumps, boilers, loop valves, cooling towers, tower bypass valves, exhaust fans and lighting controls for example. The course reviews basic control theory, defining input and output points and includes a comprehensive discussion of the standard algorithms in the Carrier Comfort Controller. Students spend over 50% of the class using the Network Service Tool V in exercises to develop points, create setpoint tables, occupancy tables and the associated algorithms. At the end of the class a student will be able to setup a points list, configure controller dip switches, develop programs and download it to the controller and test its operation. This course is a great way for a controllers contractor to learn how to use the Comfort controller to build his controls business.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Configure the CC6400 with Network Service Tool V software.
  • Confirm controller communications and synchronize network/controller time.
  • Monitor and interpret module LED signals.
  • Flush, upload and download controller database.
  • Select and apply algorithms for typical HVAC system applications.
  • Determine points required for algorithm execution.
  • Force and Auto input/output point values.
  • Change time and set point schedules and holidays.
  • Use Maintenance displays to verify proper algorithm operation.
  • Interpret and verify controller data base.

A cumulative score of 70% is required to pass this course. The score is a combination of attendance, class participation, and a demonstration of skills and knowledge through quizzes and/or work sessions.

Suggested Prerequisites: Those attending should have a working knowledge of the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN), as well as a basic understanding of HVAC systems operation. Additionally, they should possess hands-on computer-operating experience.

Length: 3 -Days
Cost: $850.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 2.1 CEUs
Authorized NATE Provider 21. hrs

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