ECS511 - i-Vu CCN Standard & Plus

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Class Description

There is a large base of Carrier CCN systems installed in commercial buildings and with the introduction of the Carrier i-Vu system many owners and technicians want to be able to use the new web based features of i-Vu. This training class provides the controls contractor with the skills necessary to wire, install, setup configure and commission the Carrier i-Vu CCN web-based interface connected to a Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) using MS Internet Explore. The class will review CCN architecture and introduce internet architecture as it relates to i-Vu communications. Students will learn the meaning of terms like ping, ipconfig, IP, subnet mask, IP gateway, DNS gateway, DHCP, static IP, interanet, VPN and navigation tree to name a few. Also covered are the differences between the i-Vu CCN Standard and i-Vu CCN Plus. Students will conduct exercises to setup the i-Vu serer, the installer screen, use system setup to conduct system scan along with build the navigation tree structure, use the system option to setup user IDís and passwords as well as set i-Vu as Time Broadcaster for both time and date. The exercises will also cover navigation of i-Vu covering the navigation tree, the action buttons, button sub categories, action pane, view controller graphics, change controller setpoints, create a time schedule, view alarms, create trends and run reports. Students will use i-Vu 6.0 Application Builder to map points that can be used to display a value or on a graphic. Over 50% of this class is hands-on exercises allowing students really understand the concepts discussed. After taking this class a contractor has the skill set to offer their CCN customers the benefits of i-Vu web connectivity.

This course provides an opportunity for experienced technicians to set-up and operate a Standard CCN i-Vu product connected to a 3V® Controls simulator made up of a PremierLink, zone controllers, and a bypass controller. The objectives will be accomplished using a combination of class discussion and a series of hands on class exercises:

  • Install, set-up and configure an i-Vu CCN Standard interface and connect to it using a standard IE browser. IP addressing and the interfacing i-Vu into an Internet/Intranet will be covered.
  • Understand the operation and system navigation rules of i-Vu by using a 3V training simulator.
  • Use i-Vu to view application-specific controllers (PremierLink and 3V system products). Comfort controllers and Universal Controllers are not covered in any detail as part of this course. This is a course on i-Vu and not specific controllers.
  • Use ViewBuilder to modify existing application-specific default graphic to add or remove points.
  • Modify and set up various methods of time of day scheduling, set points, set up of alarms, various displays of system information including using real time graphic displays all from a Intranet browser.
  • Use ViewBuilder to add points from an application-specific controller to a custom graphic.
  • Basic alarm management and operation including set-up, acknowledging, and deleting of alarms. This includes the setup of e-mails and the Alarm Notification Client software.
  • Set up trending data operation of i-Vu.
  • Set up and develop management reports of equipment points list reporting, schedules reporting, commissioning summary report, security reporting and various alarm summary and alarm history reports. Reports will also cover requirements for PDF and Excel formatting.
  • Generate a site specific back-up and restore i-Vu to original factory defaults.
  • Access and use the maintenance tool functions built into i-Vu.

Suggested Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that the students attending this course take ECS111 - Introduction to Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) and ECS215 - 3V Control System Training for Contractors, or have passed the 3V Controls Certification, Level 1 - Installer Test.

Length: 3 -Days
Cost: $850.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 2.1 CEUs

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