Carrier University Airflow Calculator

Carrier University Airflow Calculator app will guide the user through the airflow measurement process and automatically calculate airflow in a round or square duct. The user can use a pitot tube or anemometer. By entering in the duct size, the program will automatic calculate the number of probe holes and locations. After entering the probe measurements, the airflow is calculated and saved. A step by step process and video are provided to help anyone learn to take accurate airflow readings.


  • Select measurement unit - Anemometer or Pitot tube
  • Select Duct Type
  • Enter Job Site name, Duct diameter (in inches) and other related details
  • Enter Hole readings
  • Calculate Airflow in CFM
  • Email the result
  • Search for past recordings

Get It Here

The Airflow Calculator mobile app is available for Apple iPad (iOS 4.0 and later), Apple iPhone (4 , 4S and 5), and Android smart phones. Click on the links above to download the app for your device. The app is free for everyone to use.

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