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Technical Learning

College of Technical Learning

Service training courses are designed for service technicians, operators and maintenance personnel as well as building managers or supervisors. If you have an interest in service training and knowledge of basic refrigeration theory, or simply need exposure to these subject areas then these are the right courses for you.

Professional Development

College of Professional Development

Courses are designed to give Carrier’s customer-facing people a strong base of knowledge and skill sets to be effective and more credible in their business. Normally designed for Carrier personnel who are just beginning their career, courses include company culture and professional expectations, ethics, product knowledge, design knowledge, selling skills, and time management.

HVAC System Design

College of HVAC System Design

HVAC system design courses follow the logical sequence used to design or modify new or existing comfort systems. Basic HVAC concepts are presented in enough detail for the student to understand how to apply each of the design steps. These courses can apply to contractors, architects, sales people, territory managers, master mechanics, or anyone involved in designing, applying or specifying HVAC equipment.

Professional Accreditation

College of Professional Accreditation

For those who wish to attain a higher level of industry knowledge, Carrier University offers programs that help prepare Carrier employees to attain accreditation in areas of professional expertise. At this time, Carrier University offers a LEED preparation course.

Sales & Marketing

College of Sales & Marketing

Courses are designed to provide high-impact selling skills for sales people and business owners. Focused largely on residential sales, these courses train people on effective sales and marketing skills through knowledge of Carrier products, needs identification, sales presentation and rapport building, and handling of objections.

Business Management

College of Business Management

Learning how an HVAC business makes money through benchmarking critical business functions is covered in these courses. Areas of profit opportunity are covered in courses that focus on identifying HVAC replacement opportunities; service agreements; and customer service.

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