Class Policies

Carrier University Mission

The mission of Carrier Technical Training is to reach its large and diverse customer base with heating, ventilation and air conditioning technical training and educational support materials that are:

  • Customer-focused in their subject matter and delivery systems
  • Timely in their development and delivery
  • Effective in their applicability and usefulness

Carrier University Calendar

The current calendar of planned course offerings can be found on the training class page. Courses that are part of a sequence are offered frequently enough that students can complete the entire sequence within a year.

Faculty and Staff

The current list of class instructors can be found on the training staff page.


In 1972, the William Bynum Training Center was built. This facility includes classrooms, a video studio, and a fully functional HVAC laboratory containing condensing units, heat pumps, furnaces, residential thermostats, rooftop equipment, air handlers, and chillers, as well as cutaway equipment, simulators, and various air conditioning accessories. Equipment is intentionally bugged to allow students to experience various system faults.

Classrooms feature a state-of-the-art learning environment with podiums that have a module where the Instructor can control video projectors, document cameras, CD/DVD players, sound systems, lighting, projection screen, and window shades.

Seating for students is in a classroom arrangement with two students per table. Power and data ports are available for each student.

The walls have a track system that allows for training aids to be hung anywhere in the room.

Carrier Corporation maintains the Bynum Center and all facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Open Enrollment

Carrier University Students are responsible for reviewing the information on this website, and selecting courses that they can complete successfully regardless of the delivery mode and that will meet their needs and those of their employer. Students are welcome to talk with the Instructor before enrolling for the course.

Students enroll online and provide payment by credit card or internal charge number. Credit card payments are processed when it has been determined that the class will be offered and the Registrar sends a letter to the student with the class schedule and other details. Students may monitor the confirmation status of the course on the web, or call for status information.

Student Performance Expectations and Attendance Requirements

A cumulative score of 70% is required to pass Carrier University College of Technical Learning courses. This score is a combination of ratings for participation, demonstration of skills in the laboratory and on classroom projects, quiz scores and attendance and professional conduct at all class sessions.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Until the time the class is confirmed, typically two weeks before the course is offered, students may cancel and their credit card or Carrier department will not be charged. After the class is confirmed, substitutions are permitted if a student is not able to attend. If a student is unable to attend all the classes during the course, the student is allowed to attend another offering of the course within twelve months at no additional charge. In the event Carrier cancels a course after it is confirmed, the student's credit card or department are credited with a full refund.

Complaint Procedure

In the event students are dissatisfied with a course, they are encouraged to tell the instructor immediately and work with the instructor to achieve resolution. If this is not possible, students are encouraged to contact the Manager of Training Development and Delivery while the course is still in progress, so the manager can work with the instructor to resolve the issue. Students are welcome to contact the Manager of Training Development and Delivery with complaints at any time. The Registrar keeps a record of any complaints with the student's file.

Online Course Arrangements and Information Technology Requirements

Carrier University's online courses are delivered via the e-learning system of Syracuse University. Students need a personal computer and an Internet connection. Login instructions are provided when students register.