SER190 - Heat Pumps Installation and Service - FAD Approved

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Class Description

Rising energy prices have increased interest in air-to-air heat pumps even in climate zones not normally considered for heat pump applications. Technicians in many climate zones now need to have a good working knowledge of the operation and troubleshooting of heat pump units. This training course covers residential and commercial split system and packaged air-to-air heat pumps including dual fuel units. Students will learn how to troubleshoot, service and maintain heat pumps fast and accurately. Classroom sessions discuss the refrigeration, air, and electrical systems. Newly acquired skills are tested on operating equipment in the lab. Topics covered include heat pump operation, defrost operation and troubleshooting, supplemental heating, dual fuel setup and operation, operation and troubleshooting of variable speed compressor and indoor fan motors, and metering devices including electronic expansion valves. This class is a mix of classroom training and in lab exercises on actual residential split system and commercial rooftop units.

Students will learn to:

  • Calculate the thermal and economic balance point
  • Set up air handler for proper air flow
  • Calculate and verify capacity in heating mode
  • Charge a unit in cooling or heating mode
  • Test defrost cycle and thermostat
  • Test reversing valve for proper operation
  • Test for proper heater and sequencer operation
  • Read and interpret wiring diagrams for sequence of operation and isolate, test and prove component failure

A cumulative score of 70% is required to pass this course. The score is a combination of attendance, class participation, and a demonstration of skills and knowledge through quizzes and/or work sessions.

Suggested Prerequisites: HVAC Electrical and HVAC Mechanical Pro-Troubleshooting or equivalent experience. This is not an introductory-level class. Students should already know how to: interpret a PT chart, calculate superheat and subcooling, read and interpret basic wiring diagrams, troubleshoot electrical circuits (using proven methods), determine and measure appropriate airflow, electrically troubleshoot single and three-phase compressors, identify compressor circuits and troubleshoot PSC, CSR and three phase motors, and understand the basic refrigeration cycle including its major components and their function.

Length: 3 -Days
Cost: $900.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 2.1 CEUs
Authorized NATE Provider 21. hrs

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SER190 Syracuse, NY 06/01/16 3
SER190 Syracuse, NY 10/10/16 3
SER190 Syracuse, NY 12/19/16 3
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