SER260 - Tech 5: Screw Liquid Chillers, Models 30GX / HX

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Class Description

This course teaches the best ways to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and service screw liquid chillers, focusing on models 30GX and HX global products. Studies cover refrigeration cycle, compressor theory, cooler heat transfer, water and air-cooled condensers. You will also learn to analyze performance by recording and analyzing refrigerant and water pressures and temperatures, refrigerant controls, adjustments, charging, capacity control, oil separators, metering devices, economizers, and operation and troubleshooting of the electrical system including Product Integrated Control (PIC) systems. Hands-on skills are tested in our electrical troubleshooting lab on PIC/ComfortLink chiller control panels.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Setup and adjust controls
  • Identify the major components of a screw liquid chiller
  • Describe screw compressor operation
  • Identify refrigerant flow in a system
  • Measure refrigerant and water temperature delta T, LTD, gpm, and tonnage

A cumulative score of 70% is required to pass this course. The score is a combination of attendance, class participation, and a demonstration of skills and knowledge through quizzes and/or work sessions.

Note: Prodialog is not covered in this course.

Length: 3 -Days
Cost: $1,200.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 2.3 CEUs
Authorized NATE Provider 24. hrs

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SER260 Syracuse, NY 01/11/10 3
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