SER275 - 23XRV Liquid Chiller Screw Chiller Service and Operator

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Class Description

This course is targeted at service technicians and facility managers who operate or service Carrier model 23XR/XRV water cooled screw chillers. This class will cover the chiller refrigeration cycle, compressor theory, drive theory, cooler heat transfer, and water-cooled condensers. Operation and function of the compressors, muffler, condenser, coolers, economizers, metering devices, oil concentrator and accessories are covered. You will learn how to analyze performance by recording and analyzing refrigerant and water pressures and temperatures. Service technicians will be able to distinguish between chiller and system problems and to quickly diagnose problems using service logs. The class also covers the unit controls and how to set up and adjust the controls for optimum system performance. In addition, recommended pre-start and start-up procedures, operational and field issues will be covered. These compressors have very few tear down procedure these procedures will be covered but are not demonstrated. The class consists of classroom instruction with a number of exercises to develop the skills taught in the class and some lab exercises using control simulators developing a working knowledge of the control system operation.

Grade is Pass/Fail based on class work sessions, attendance, and participation

  • Set and adjust controls using Carrier instruction manuals
  • Identify on machines or from diagrams the major components of a screw liquid chiller
  • Describe from memory the operation of a 23XRV screw liquid chiller including initial start-up
  • On a diagram, be able to describe the refrigerant flow in a system including typical refrigerant conditions
  • Measure refrigerant and water temperature delta T, LTD, and use them to analyze unit operation
  • Using log sheets, compare design and actual operating conditions and determine the corrective action which might be required
  • Troubleshoot and identify system problems using data from operating log sheets and system operating conditions to determine unit and system problems
  • Using the service manuals, list and describe the maintenance procedures
Length: 2 -Days
Cost: $600.00 U.S.
Authorized IACET Provider 1.4 CEUs

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SER275 Syracuse, NY 07/07/16 2
SER275 Syracuse, NY 09/22/16 2
SER275 Syracuse, NY 11/21/16 2
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